Roadmap for a poster print

Hi everybody,

I don´t know if this is the right place.
I have a personal project, which involves the printing of several nature pictures on poster via an online vendor.
The pictures are taken mostly in NEF format, some are in TIFF format. Around 25 mb for the original file.
The posters can be printed in sizes like 60x90cm with a maximum resolution of 300 dpi. A limitation is that they can be uploaded with a maxium filesize of 100MB.

At the moment I am post editing and at the end converting into TIFF on Affinity, then I go through Gigapixel AI and rescale in the poster size (which means always an increase) , resolution 300 DPI.
The outcome if stored in TIFF is always a huge file, which can´t be uploaded to the printing site. Sometimes DNG is small enough, some others I have saved the result in JPG maximum quality.

Am I doing anything wrong? My goal is to loose as few quality as possible.

Many thanks for any hint.


Hi @franco.bertolucci, if your size limit is 100MB this does limit your options a bit – I’d say that JPGs are a good choice if you’ve been working with RAW/TIFF formats all the way up until the final step of saving it as a JPG.

We’ve done a good bit of testing on our end and found that if you set your JPG quality to 95 this will help cut down on file sizes dramatically while still not showing any JPG artifacts. Any step up from 95 ends up bloating file sizes while only giving very, very marginal increases in quality.