Ride 'em cowboy

Edited with Affinity Photo, G’mic, Watercolor Studio and Topaz Studio plug-ins


Great! Which G’mic filter did you use?

I think it may have been something like pencil portrait - I used it on a duplicate of the original composite and set the blend mode to multiply at a reduced opacity on top of the watercolor studio image

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Super image …

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It looks like a “real” watercolor! Really nice effect.

When I’ve tried to paint with actual watercolors I’m infamous for creating ‘mud’. (Not desired…).

I wonder if I could manage to muddy digital watercolor too.

You’re clearly talented working with the watercolor.

@Fotomaker I am not a all talented with watercolor … can’t paint or draw to save myself … yay for photoart software is all i can say :slight_smile:

Love it!!

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