Riddle me this? Handbrake job speeds up VEAI on M1 Pro

Hoping for a logical explanation on here as the behaviour of this app on my Mac has left me confused. Here is the scenario…

Topaz Video Enhance AI running on a 2021 14" M1 Pro Macbook Pro 8 CPU core 14 GPU core. I have VEAI set to use the M1 SOC instead of CPU cores.
The content/job upscaling a 320p video to 1080p with Proteus fine-tune. With no other apps running in the background, the processing speed is about 2.30sec/frame.
Last night I decided to multitask and run handbrake at the same time to transcode (software x265 )one of my finished VEAI jobs from H.264 to H.265 By doing do my active VEAI job speeds up to 1.60sec/frame.

Any idea why this additional task would speed up VEAI??

I just tried another job using Artemis medium, which behaves as I would expect. It just adds more strain on the CPU, and fans start running at full speed.

Can anyone explain why Proteus V3 would speed up when doing other CPU-intensive tasks?