Retouching using the Clone Stamp Tool

A very interesting way to approach retouching skin, note that you can extend this method to retouching anything … take particular note of why blending modes of Lighten & Darken are used …


Thanks for posting this @AiDon. I use the clone stamp a lot and this will help me getting better with its results. I always appreciate a good tip/trick.


You ought to see the effectiveness and rapidity of the Heal tool in Topaz Studio. The algorithms they have in that bit of software is nothing short of amazing.

This is nothing to do with “healing” this is simply to retouch without “healing” and without destroying the texture.

Don, thank you for clarifying your recommendation of this video. I did watch the video, something I had not done when I commented, and saw Zoe’s amazing work and your appreciation of her work. WOW!!