Retouch Face & Bodyskin

Yes, a tedious topic.

I am currently involved in retouching (Face & Body skin).

In essence, I would be able to do high-end retouching, but that takes time. I would like a faster and more precise solution.

There is a lot of software on the market that offers AI retouching, but 90% of them are programs that work with facial recognition and simply brighten or offer simple frequency separation (if at all).

In the spirit of, " the customer who wants this doesn’t know his way around anyway and is happy with solutions that simply bring about a noticeable change."

There is only one manufacturer on the market that offers a professional solution.

In theory, Topaz Labs already has the solution (in a simple sense).

Face recovery essentially does that, but the tool is not intended for it. It would also be capable of solving the problem I described in depth map sharpening.

It would be great if there were something like Dodge & Burn, the removal of skin blemishes, possibly even a reduction of clothing folds (via Generative AI).

I did a skin retouch already with denoise strong at 100% and did blend in the parts of the output i wanted to.

The value of the correction should be higher, basically I want it to be leveled so that I can then choose which areas I want to take back.

The dark areas of the face bother me here.
Basically, these are always the problem, not the light areas.

The result should be so good that the retouching is not visible afterwards, there is enough software on the market that only smears.

I don’t want to remove any characters but correct the light.