Retaining ALPHA channel transparency

Rendered a .mov video from After Effect with RGB plus Alpha channel transparency. Will the resulting Video AI rendered file retain the ALPHA transparency so that I can import that enhanced file back into After Effects to use in a 3D rendered video scene??

Unfortunately no, VEAI only exports RGB png or TIF even if your input is RGBA.

Damn, I was also searching for this option. My workflow for now is doing an upscale of each separately and then combining it again!

Is the option to export rgba sequences in the pipeline to be released in future updates? If so, it’d be an incredibly useful feature.

I am running into the same issue. I went through and exported out of AE twice one with RGB, and one with alpha. Don’t change the frame rate, just up scale. It seems to work alight, I had to feather the edges when brought back into AE.