Restoring / Improving Old Slide Images

I have thousands of slides taken prior to 2005, most of which I’ve scanned over the years. I’ve had great success with Denoise AI and Sharpen AI on most of my DSLR photos but finding that I’m just not getting the same results on scanned slides. It’s as if these 2 plugins have never seen scanned slides during training. Has anyone developed a good workflow or tutorial on how to consistently get good results on slides with Topaz Lab plugins?

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My scans were done about 18 years ago, before I knew how JPGs can degrade and with an Epson scanner with a slide film attachment. I didn’t do some of them at a high enough res, and always regret throwing the original slides away.
I used Gigapixel AI on trial a few months ago and discovered that upscaling the scans often worked wonders. It was a bit hit and miss and, as with JPGS of old digital photos, the faces can turn out grotesque, if there isn’t enough information in the original.
Here is just one example:
Original 972x642. 147kb
Scaled up to 2916x1926. 4.3mb

Sorry, no idea why the pictures didn’t upload. Again:


ok… never thought about Gigapixel AI since my scans are already 21MP

Have you tried the stabilize mode in Sharpen? I find it usually gives the best results even when there is no obvious motion blur.
Try the trial of Gigapixel and experiment. You can also downsize with it, and probably stick to the same dimensions.