Resources for learning Topaz products? Suggestions, please

It seems like more often than not my attempts at using Sharpen or DeNoise turn out poor results. More specifically, I either end up with a lot of noise or an artificial look to the images. Or I improve one attribute at the expense of another.

I have watched a few of the Topaz videos, which have helped some, but I’m hoping someone here can suggest certain videos or other resources that may be more along the lines of “the fundamentals” if there is such a thing.

There are plenty of people who “review” Topaz and other photography apps on You Tube. Best to look at some of them and find the most congenial for you. In my view, most are shills/fanboys, whose own photography is not to my taste and/or are too busy pushing their own “personalities”.
One exception is Antony Morganti who, back in the day, was one of the few people whose tutorials on Lightroom were comprehensible. He posts almost daily on something or other and recently gave a negative review to the latest Topaz DeNoise AI. Another I quite like is Scott Davenport, who even bothers to reply to the BLT comments.

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Try here

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