Resolution of 1dpi x 1dpi

Noticed that topaz Photo AI 10.0.6 outputs images at 1 dpi which when I imported to Adobe Illustrator it really didn’t like it. Had to use preview to adjust the image to the desired dpi.

Running macOS 11.7
Topaz Photo AI 10.0.6
the input image had a dpi of 72
input image was 512x512 ran, enlarging by 4x to 2048x2048
output image has a dpi of 1

Desired out put would keep the same dpi as the input image.

Thanks -Eric

i think here happened a common miss understanding of what dpi is. dpi means dots per inch and relies directly to the output resolution of your output device, your printer for example. dependend on the printing resolution of your printer the result may be larger or smaller.

I understand what dpi means. And when you import a JPG into Adobe Illustrator that has a dpi of 1 then it makes that pixel 1"x1" and when your photo is 2048px then it makes the photos 2048"x2048" across. Which is about 10 times bigger than a photo can be in illustrator. While trying to make it smaller, it crashed my computer. I can easily fix this by adjusting the dpi in another software such as preview or photoshop, but should not be required as it adds unnecessary steps to the process.

Images do not have a dpi size. They have a width and height in pixels. :slight_smile:

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If you believe it’s a bug raise a support request at the main website.