Resolution in pixels/inch, width or height in cm

For prints it’s usual to have a resolution of (300) pixels/inch
But when you want to set the width of height of the print you may prefer cm.
This was possible in Gigapixel 6 but is not possible any longer in Gigapixel 7
Would make life much easier when this option comes back

You won’t be able to keep the 300ppi if you change the Output height to CM.
However, if you convert 300ppi to centimeters it is roughly ~118 PPCM.

You could convert your image to inches so that it you can maintain the 300ppi however.

I will be sure to forward your suggestion to our development team for investigation though!

Yes, I know how to convert but it’s extra work all the time which was not necessary in Gigapixel 6

Yes, I know how to

By chance have you used v.7.1.3?

We did adjust the PPI and PPCM so that it is visible and changeable with Pixels but please let me know if this is different from what you mentioned.