Resize ... to type own scale 1,5 or 2,6... DONT work again

To type own scale like 1,5 or any other dont WORK. … that is a big problem becaus eNOW i can delete and reinstall 6.3. Version .
this is most important part at Giga pix and it dont work … Im really disapointed for what I paid 200$ for a new verson and simple things dont work .

Try using 1.5 or 2.6 instead.

This idea I had before too. But it work not with 1.5 it get red marked. only with “,” but it doesnt worked. It still stand 1 or 2 - 6 but nothiung between complete numbers.
Im really big frustrated .
I have MacPro 2019
2,7 GHz 24-Core Intel Xeon W
RAM 96 GigaByte
Mac Sonoma 14.3

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Try setting your number format to US in the region settings.
As shown here.

That “solved” a similar problem in TVAI (but is, of course, merely an ugly workaround).

If that doesn’t help you can still just enter the wanted pixel size for the output directly.

If I have 10 or more images to resize in InDesign … I dont have the motivation and the time first to use counter to find out which px each own image have. They dont have all the same pixel size .This really not how to work with a proffessional program and what I dont understand is that it works in the old version and in the new DONT. Maybe I will change as you say region setting - hope it will work but now I havent time to install new. At the moment Im back to 6.3 Version

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I am adding myself to this message — version 7.x is crappy software, not properly tested at all. I am back to version 6.3 which works as it should be.

Could you reach out to support for this? I’d want to ask you some personal questions and don’t want you share this information on a public forum.

I suspect this has something to do with a foreign keyboard.

If it’s the same thing as in TVAI then it’s in fact NOT the keyboard layout but the number format you set in the system prefs. Set anything there with a comma as decimal separator and it won’t work.

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I wrote to support . But I havent a foreign keybord it is apple keyboard and the only different is that I use german as language .

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Thank you for reaching out to support!