Request to add Ai cropping to Gigapixel

Hi folks. I had an idea for the crop tool in Gigapixel and Topaz think it’s a good idea but said it’s best to add it here as a topic to see if anyone else thinks it’s worth implementing. So…

It would be cool if the crop tool could have an option to crop an image but use the Ai functions to automatically resize the image back to it’s original size (not just the ratio)

So if you wanted to crop the sides off a photo you do the crop but the Ai resizes the image back to it’s original size and ratio. This is different to using Ai to fill in the crop areas, it would just expand the image to make it the original size.

Ironically, if you’ve ever dealt with 35mm negatives and an enlarger when you did zoom in to a photo the actual print stayed the same size!

Great idea, Keith! Thanks for sharing.