Request meta data file after each preview to preserve settings

Often I try several versions but do not want to create a preset file for this
Other times Topaz AI crashes and forgot the settings I used for the export
Therefore can we get a special folder with the name timestamp of all the used metadata immediately saved to a folder before the enhancement preview or export takes place

It would be also very helpful if I can retrieve the metadata from the preview or export to compare and remport them

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TVAI has copy/paste commands in its Edit menu that enable users to copy the settings of one input and paste them into another.

What it needs is save/load commands that enable users to save settings to an external file and load them from that file.

You would think that creating and loading presets would be the same thing as this, but for some reason we keep seeing reports of presets having problems saving and reloading all the settings that the copy/paste commands don’t seem to have.

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