Request for improved Batch Processing

COMPREHENSIVE Serious, Heavy Duty Batch Processing!

Now that we have Batch Processing for AI DNoise (and have had it for Gigapixel from the beginning) we could really improve this feature a lot more.

These suggestions are not only for DeNoise but for Gigapixel, Sharpen etc.any other Topaz program where batch is relevant.

Here is what I think Ultra Useful Batch processing should look like. Be warned it requires some serious juggling:

1 Ability to drop an entire folder into DeNoise or any other Topaz Program that could use it.

2 Ability to specify processing parameters for each separate folder. It should allow us to test one or two images before finalizing the parameter settings and then clicking a button to finalize the settings for the folder.
Of course if only some files in one folder as similar enough to be optimally processed the same, submit only these photos from a folder that you prepare ahead of time to hold only these photos. If one or two are different, it’s no big deal to deal with them individually - since they are not meant for batch processing with the others.

3 Place the processed back in the Source Folder or Create and Place the processed files in a Sub Folder under the Source Folder - the subfolder name could simply be Processed by Batch DNoise (Batch Sharpen, Batch Gigapixel etc.)

4 Or allow a Browse to Custom Folder for output of each Input Folder (I would be more than satisfied with just #3, but of course I do not use Lightroom.

Photos that are taken at the same place and time with the same camera, lighting etc. are likely to be very similar with respect to Noise, Sharpness etc. and therefore are very likely to be optimally handled with the same processing parameters, hence a ton of time could be saved with more comprehensive batch processing.

Those of us who have many years of accumulated images, and have many hundreds of folders, as many hobbyist, semi-pros, and pros often do, will benefit greatly by having 10 -20 folders processed overnight. Obviously this cannot be done without setting different optimal parameters for each folder.

Topaz will be way ahead of every other Image Processing Program because, as far as I know, no one else has this COMPREHENSIVE BATCH processing capability.

Please add your name if you would like these suggestions to be adopted, or have suggestions to make it even better : )

Thanks for listening,


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i have to process large batches of portraits for my work and sharpen AI would greatly benefit from batch processing, it should be a default feature rather than an add on.


Agreed, i bought the full suit of topaz products but i am very surprised to see the lack of actual bulk/batch processing compatabilities.

I wouldn’t mind if they developed a new application to their suit of apps called “Topaz Labs Batch Processor” or something like this, this tool finds what other topaz applications you have installed and gives it the ability to batch process with any topaz application installed.

This way you have one way to learn how to operate the batch processor on all tools and topaz labs can also sell another product resulting in a little better earnings. Win for us win for them, what i don’t want is to be forced into the cloud area where it costs per month or per gigabyte.

Keep up the good work!


I am following request. As far I could remember, even Topaz legacy product Studio version 1 had batch process option with “include all subfolders” and “keep folder structure” on export dialog . Add this possibility in one of future releases, please :slight_smile:
For now, I am using workoround, method by open files by extension search and save to source folder with adding suffix to name and/or changing file extension on export. After that complete, I use freeware smartcopy tool from to move exported files preserving folder structures…

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