Request for hot pixels filter

I do a lot of severe crlopping for macro work, and even if I turn sharpness way down (Denoise AI and Sharpen AI) complicated by sometimes I need to use Stabilize and Focus, I quite often get a slight over-sharpening effect (white dots or spots). I havve found that finishing with the NIK Hot Pixels filter they get subdued. (I can send pictures.)

Also, when using flash on extreme close-ups in nature, there will frequently be small specular highlights (such as from the exoskeletin of an insect) and if they are small enough Hot Pixels subdues them a little.

How about havign AI design a spot healing brush for any white spots that are less than 10 pixels in diameter? (I hope my wording gets the sense across.) It could be adjustable and applied with a brush.

Thanx for considering it.