Request default view set to "fit to screen"

I kindly request

all default views show the actual footage “fit to screen”

when i load footage, when i do previews, i have to fit the footage again and again and again to the screen. If i do 20 previews, i have to redo it 20 times. thats really annoying.
Even with the same model the next preview has to be fitted myself a.s.o.

When i already set fit to screen, on all previews, it always goes back to 50% while 38% would be the right size to use the whole screen without any unwanted zooming.

If ppl want to zoom their previews, they can do it on demand, but i am really sure most ppl want it be fitted automaticly.

kind regards

you got my vote ! that’s a very annoying issue, but suraj told us already it will be fixed (i hope lol)

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