Replace Chronos with something faster

I’ve been using Chronos for framerate interpolation recently and noticed it is awfully slow. It works, which is why I’m using it but it is painfully slow compared to what I previously was using. I tend to move computer hardware around between machines when it seems like a GPU or something would make better sense in another box. I really only run Linux but I built a dedicated Windows box pretty much just for Topaz since I use it so much.

Anyway my Topaz machine was an AMD 5900x with a 6900xt. I decided that GPU would be better off in my gaming machine and I put 2 1080Ti’s from my desktop into the Topaz box. I used to do the framerate interpolation on my Linux desktop with GitHub - hzwer/arXiv2021-RIFE: Real-Time Intermediate Flow Estimation for Video Frame Interpolation and that worked great. Now that my desktop has an AMD card I can’t get RIFE to work, it’s really finicky about package versions. I tried a couple of NCNN versions as well but couldn’t get anything working. I’m using Chronos on the Topaz machine now and a video that would have taken 2 hours with RIFE now takes over 8 hours with Chronos. This is the same GPU with a better CPU (5900x vs 3900x)

Honestly I don’t notice much of a difference between RIFE and Chronos quality wise, they both work. Not sure if RIFE is suitable for Topaz, but maybe…or something else?