Renewal Licenses

I saw this question being asked recently but it apppeared that it did not get a straight forward answer. When Topaz started to charge for yearly upgrades, it was $49 for one product and $99 for multiple products. When I go into renew this year, I am being charged for “EACH” renewal license which is way above the $99.00 in prior years. Has the pricing structure changed and I DO HAVE to by an upgrade license for EACH product I own (which is all of them except for Video AI which I don’t need}

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Raise a support request at the main website as, to me, it looks like new purchases are on special. If you go to your account you can see what renewals of the next years upgrades will cost you for the products you own.

Thanks but that is the price is what prompted the question. The total of the renewals (Upgrades) is $266.00. That’s almost triple of what I paid last year for my renewals.

If you read carefully these look like new purchases not renewals.

Thank you but I did read carefully. Those listed above are the UPGRADE PRICES. The current sale prices for the software units are below.
Photo AI $149.00
Video AI $224.00
Denoise AI $79.99
Gigapixel AI $99.99
Sharpen AI $79.99

I did reach out to Support, and was told that they DID raise the prices. Only Photo AI and Gigapixel AI need to be upgraded since the other components will not be upgraded in the future. The current versions of those will be the last upgrades. The Current price to Upgrade Photo AI and Gigapixel AI is $148.00, which is a 50% increase over last year.

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GPU prices did rise too and will grow still bc. the prices for wafers are going up too.

And everyone wants to have the best AI developers.

I signed on the Topaz site. It is giving the prices now as though I don’t own any Topaz products. PAI, is $149 but I own it already.

Last week, it would say already owned.

Looks like you have click on shop down the bottom now, to get the prices to update.

Scroll down the page, you will see the new renewal prices. The upgrade price is $74.00 which is basically 1/2 of the current sale price of a new license.

I don’t see that, as mine are not due for renewal yet. I got PAI for nothing in October, as I had the other products.

Why not just upgrade PAI, if you want that? Yes Topaz changed their pricing and probably will do again soon.

Sharpen and DeNoise have not been upgraded for along time.

I just did that. I was just expecting the price to be $99 since they only went to the new pricing structure 3 years ago and my renewal last year was only $74.00 when it was going to be over $340 this year for everything.

Photo AI only came out in July 2022 and is $74 for the upgrade, DeNoise and Sharpen will NOT be upgraded and GigaPixel is $79, if you want it. If, as you say, these are upgrade prices then your additional upgrade for both products is $153 for the next year.

If you don’t need GigaPixel it is $74 … what you paid last year. But I believe these prices are for new purchases, but in another place they are combined at $253 for both as a new purchase.

But I cannot check the upgrade prices for my products as they don’t need to be upgraded yet.

yup, we’re all in the same boat bud. they raised their pricing and even removed the coupon code box on checkout.

that must’ve been a sale price. As of 1/18, upgrading my Photo AI is $99. Where are you seeing the $74 upgrade price? or was that a promotion before end of the new year?

There was a coupon that Topaz sent out to users that was good for $20.00. It expired around the first of the year.

aw man, I just checked my e-mails. Looks like it was their promotion starting on December 13th. Wish they didn’t end the promotion cause I’d update my app right now if it was on sale lol.