Render queue?

Trying some new things today. I loaded a long clip which needs to be split into separate files, since some are letterboxed and others need to be cropped. I started by trimming the first clip, making the settings and previewing.

I started the first one rendering, and discovered the system was still allowing me to work

I was able to preview and start rendering the 2nd one. Instead of waiting it started rendering immediately, so it started rendering two at once (more slowly, of course).

I trimmed and tried to preview a 3rd one and the machine choked. Wouldn’t display the preview.

So, as a feature request, I’d like to see it queue up exports so you could line up several clips then tell it to go and walk away.

Unless there’s already a way to do that, which I couldn’t find.



A render queue already exists.

Each time you press “Export”, “Export as”, or “Preview”. TVAI adds the clip you selected and the settings you selected to the render queue. TVAI will start processing the queue in the order you added them in (or a different order if you configure it).

TVAI can be configured to process one video at a time, or multiple at a time, and it seems you have your TVAI settings setup to process multiple videos at a time (probably a default setting). This meant that TVAI was running 2 or more processes at once which lead to your “machine choking” due to a lack of some computer resource (E.G. RAM, VRAM, CPU speed, GPU speed).

If you would like to change the number of processes that TVAI can process at once to avoid this issue in the future, then you can do that in the settings:

  1. Select from the top of the UI File -> Preferences
  2. Select the Processing tab on the left of the window that appears.
  3. On the right you will find a Max Processes option. Change it to the maximum number of processes you want to run at once. Based on the experienced described, I believe you will want this to be 2 or 1.

In short, TVAI already has a render queue. Along with that, TVAI can process multiple videos from the queue at once (this is configured in the settings). For your specific use case, the number of videos for TVAI to process at once was too high for your computer to handle and provide you with the experience you wanted.