Renaming the PhotoAI file

I’ve been trying out the newly released 2.4.1 and it seems to be an improvement in many ways - at least as far as I can tell from the few images I’ve tried so far. I use the application mostly as a plugin on raw photos in Lightroom, but I also tried it on an already edited jpg with satisfactory results. What I saw when I opened and edited this JPG was the export dialogue, which gave me the option of editing the filename to include both Topaz and the Topaz filters used. But I can only edit this in the save dialogue, not in ‘Preferences’. When I save raw files, I am not given this option at all. I get a DNG with the same name as the original file, with no indication of what has been done to it or which application is to blame. My original ORF (Olympus Raw File) can’t be edited directly, of course, so Photo AI has to tell Lightroom to make a copy in either PSD, JPG or TIFF. At this stage there is no information about what will happen to it in the future, so the filename is obviously a copy of the existing name, but when Topaz Photo AI saves the result, why doesn’t it rename it and add this information to the filename?

Hello okh53,

DNG would be normal for a RAW file as the RAW would be camera only. However it should have the “what was done” if you wish. What is the checkbox set to (below is my example) when you hit “save image”

Here is my export preference settings

All the best - Bill

Yes, this is about what I said, or at least what I tried to tell you: It is possible to set the name when you have opened the image in PhotoAI and edit it.
What I am asking for is a way to do this when using PhotoAI as a plugin in Lightroom.

Sorry for the misunderstanding on my part

Being an Affinity user I cannot test directly to light room, so sorry for me being dense. You did do fine in explaining after my re-reading.

When using Topaz as a plugin with affinity it just writes back after finishing in the plug in without creating a separate copy. I add what I desire to the file name at the export point in Affinity to keep track of edits.

I hope you can get a proper answer to your question. - Bill