Removing unwanted objects

Given you are now starting to make changes with the introduction of lighting and tone, could you also introduce a removal tool for unwanted objects? Currently I use but it would be beneficial to be able to achieve this in Photo AI.

We’re actually building this feature at the moment. The expected release is v2.1.


I really hope Topaz Labs doesn’t put resources towards developing an object removal tool.

The fundamental functions in PAI (denoise, sharpen, upscale) aren’t working reliably after a year. Other vendors have object removal tools that work, as you note. Topaz has neither the resources nor the time to pursue further all-in-one functionality.


I totally agree. :+1: :100:
I think Topaz should focus on the three main features first (Upscale , Denoise , Sharpening). Since there are still many serious bug in those AI model not yet fixed.

For example, the tile bluring problem in standard upscale model, radom blur patches in background area. The face enhancement lack detail in higher resolution image and fail to restore the detail of hair, etc.
Also, when upscaling low resolution image, TPAI turn fingers and toes, into claw.

For Denoising, it also fail to remove large color grain noise in JPG even set to Extreme 100%. But those color grains can be remove nicely in very early version of Denoise AI.

Lastly, I think Topaz needs to improve the accuracy of Auto-pilot as well. Currently, the Auto-pilot is hit and miss. Every time it releases a new AI model, the Auto-pilot accuracy just gets worse and worse.

For object removal tool, it is not nessary to build in TPAI. Since, the most popular photo editing software Photoshop has already built in a well implemented object removal tool. For people who don’t have photoshop, there are also excellent free object removal tool available.


I also have to agree.
Building a jack of all trades device is not a good idea, Upscale, DeNoise and Sharpening will suffer from that. We’ve already seen it in the past, there’s are more than enough open issues (blurry patches, peoples skin look like plastic, batch not really usable…).

I would be something else, if there were additional developers and resources for these additional features and the core development of Upscale, DeNoise and Sharpening were unaffected. But I wouldn’t count on it. Plus: the complexity rises with every new feature…

There’s an old saying: A cobbler should stick to his last. PhotoAI should stick to it’s core features…


If you want to Object Removal tool without using Photoshop.
I highly recommend you use Lama Cleaner. :100: :+1:
It is 100% free , open source and process locally, which mean you don’t need to send your image to their server.

Here is a Demo Video.

The software support many object removal algorithum.
スクリーンショット (114)

It also support inpainting and generating new object using stable diffusion.


Thanks everyone for your insights. We are doing our best to both build new features that users have been asking about as well as improve our existing features, although I understand it may sometimes feel like we’re prioritizing one to the neglect of the other.

Please give the object removal feature a try when it’s released and let us know what you think.

See also new post that can be VOTED:

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Seeming as there seems to be zero development on Denoise, Gigapixel & Sharpen you are actually the doing a great amount of neglecting.

Yes, our development resources are being put to Photo AI for the time being.

:100: % agree on suggesting Lama cleaner. It’s been my go-to tool ever since it released, and it just keeps getting better. This is the state of the art when it comes to object removal. Not even Photoshop compares. And… it’s free. I’d even pay premium price for such a tool, since it’s a pro tool.

Tested the Object removal in Photo AI 2.2.2 and was not impressed. It had the classical stable diffusion issues (not understanding the surrounding context for proper inpainting, no prompt fields to guide the generation etc). It seems Topaz is wasting/diverting resources on the “Stable” Diffusion track when there are other tools out there able to dedicate 100% of their effort on excelling at that.

Topazlabs’ products for me fill the niche in my pipeline of upscaling, denoising and motion interpolation. That’s it. It’s a space they excel at and where they are currently close to state of the art, while also packaging the process steps into end-user consumable forms. I’d prefer they continue to invest squarely in the niche they fill and leave other distractions aside. Especially when there are other tools that excel at and will continue to lead in those other categories.

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Hi all! Object removal was added in v2.1 of Topaz Photo AI