Removed save to DNG option

The latest update removed the option to save dng’s back to dng format after enhancement. This broke my workflow which is: open ProRaw DNG in GP and enhance as needed> save back to DNG and open DNG in Camera raw to access the specific enhancements available in CR that are not available when opening a tiff in PS. The ability to use both GP and CR in the raw format is huge win, getting the AI enhancement of GP and then further enhancing the raw file through the Clarity, Texture and Dehaze is a game changer for iPhone captures. Please bring back the option to output DGN format or please explain why it was removed.

From the 7.0.4 release notes

For RAW files, we have decided to move away from DNG exports so we can better support color accuracy, consistent results, and support optimizations that are not possible while also supporting DNG exports. The benefits of this for RAW inputs should include:

  • Preview times should be drastically reduced
  • Memory and CPU usage should be lower
  • Exports should match preview in all cases

This does mean if you are using RAW in your workflow, you will need to output to a different format. By default, the “preserve” option on file format will default any RAW file to TIFF.


This is correct. Thanks for answering this!

Thanks for the quick reply. However this is not a very satisfying answer. Better color accuracy how? You already have a perfectly color managed app that follows ICC standards. I can see how ditching the raw data gives you less of a ram/cpu load but you’re giving up a lot in exchange. This feels like targeting the consumer rather than the pro which is sad but at least the last version with full DNG support is still available. Is there a way to update the models without updating the app?

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Yeah, ‘improved color accuracy’ by exporting RAW files to TIFF instead of DNG, without supporting full 32 bit color depth.

Really doesn’t make much sense to me, that’s for sure.


There is no way to update the models without updating the app, sadly.

I didn’t expect there would be but it would be a cool feature. So as of now the models are the same between 7.03 and whatever the new build is right?

Right now, yes. Not much has changed.

However, there is a big release coming up for Gigapixel v7.1.0 and the models will change.

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I wish Topaz brings back the DNG export option, since I’ve noticed that converting to DNG gives better results in noise handling (instead of jpg or tif). I often use high iso on my camera because of the type of assignments I get.


Having a beautifull raw image with auto denoise and then make it Tiff, lightroom sadly does not apply color profile to that image.

The results are not the same using a Tiff exported from lightroom to maintain my edits.

Also Tiff procesed image to maintain lightroom edits, results yin a bad denoise.