"Remove" tool

Is it possible to specify which “way” the Remove tool should look for the data to replace the area to be removed?

Ie. if I have a trio of areas like this (excuse the primitive rendering):


and I want to remove the YYY part, can I then somehow make Photo AI’s “Remove” tool know that I want the ZZZ area to “extend” left (or the XXX area to "extend "Right) to be used in computing the new YYY content?

This currently is not an option for the Remove feature however I have added your suggestion to our Ideas section! Make sure that you do not forget to vote for your idea :slight_smile:

If what this is suggesting is that we can paint an overlay on an image to show the area for the Remove Tool to either fill or use as the basis for what to fill with, then I like it (vs using something called “padding” which doesn’t mean anything to me from a practical usage standpoint either in terms of what it represents or how far it extends from my element to be removed).

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