Remove tool is primitive. Not ready for release

Yes, I understand it’s happening in the Cloud. But so do they all and even a low-cost editor like Luminar Neo has Topaz thoroughly beaten on the accuracy and speed of ‘generative erase’. Topaz regularly produces garbage in an overwritten area of object erasure – especially where the overwritten stuff has high frequency like leaves or even branches – where NEO generally gets it right.

Maybe Topaz should drop this until they get it right.

Would you mind sharing some examples of the problems you are having with the Remove Tool?

In most cases I am finding Topaz remove to be quite good.

Compared to On1, it is more generative, which can be a double-edged sword. For many situations this makes Topaz better for large object removal. If absolute accuracy is needed (journalism or science) one would need to be sure Topaz did not generate anything that was not there, but otherwise, it almost always makes something that looks decent and allows a picture to be usable. For some small objects, On1 removes them, but Topaz replaces them with false objects when a simple remove would have been better.

They both have their place, but I use Topaz about 75% of the time for this task, and it works well.


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