Remove "Processing" overlay from previews to allow actual previewing of models as they're being processed

For the love of god, please remove the “Processing” overlay from previews.

We need to see what we’re doing and compare that to our original footage while it does its job when launching previews, not stare at a loading screen for 15 minutes that was not there in the previous versions.

Not only that but you’ve removed the “Stop processing” options and replaced them by a “Remove” function. As far as my own workflow goes I like to see which processing/model I have cancelled.

Same for Export, the missing Live Preview option I used often. Yes it created double space, first the Temp file, then the final. But I would trick the system, and watch the temp file with while it was being created, you could watch up to the latest frame processed with no issues in 3.5.3… but now with 4.xx and 4.0.4, there is no live preview, and no temp file created for the final export. The temp file created for the 10 second previews is hampered now with now live-preview headers so you must wait until the file is done to view it.

I like the new UI of 4.x but the Live-Preview of 3.5. was preferred.


I can only agree, this is the most annoying and counter-intuitive thing to do.
It is so useful to be able to check preview as soon as a few frame are available and continue as long as it’s ok or decide to stop and change setting !
Please, please, please, go back to a clear non obstructed preview window !


This was here before – so why is it gone? I am confused. It is like hitting Export and hoping for the best.


Preview is still available, but you must wait until the preview is complete before you can view it.

It would be more useful to be able to live-preview still, and allow for live-export so you can see the progress.


It is like hitting Export and hoping for the best.


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So really - there is no Preview. There is just select a section to render, wait and then view.


Yes, and that’s totally crazy.

There is no spoon… :joy: