Remove Adjust 5 using Adjust AI

Windows 10 - I have Adjust AI as well as Adjust 5. I assume I can remove the latter but do not know how to do so.

Just go to Settings, Apps select Topaz Adjust 5 and uninstall.

If you really want to uninstall it, go to the Windows 10 start menu, scroll down to Topaz Labs, expand and right click on Topaz Adjust 5, then select Uninstall.

I’d keep it though unless you are struggling for space.

Why maintain both, i.e. are there functional differences?

Topaz Adjust 5 is only a plugin, Adjust AI is a plugin and standalone.

Adjust 5 as AiDon says is only a plugin, and is not available currently from Studio 2.
When I do use it, it is either from Studio 1, or more often from Affinity Photo.

One of the things it has, which Adjust AI doesn’t is Adaptive Exposure, which I find handy.
It also has local edge aware masking ability which Adjust AI doesn’t, which can also be handy when it’s being used directly from Affinity Photo.

For many images, I let Adjust AI do a Standard Auto Adjust using its AI, and if the result is reasonably what I am looking for, I then fine tune it with the manual sliders. There are some images however that I find I can get a better result manually using Adjust 5, albeit at the expense of taking longer.

I tend to look at it as another tool in the toolbox. If the toolbox has room for it, and it might be handy at some stage, then there is no point throwing it away.

Purely personal preference.


I use Adjust 5 for the Adaptive Exposure too, and I like the degree of controls that it has. I use it as a plugin on Corel Paintshop Pro and Photoshop Elements as well as in Corel Painter.

So far I haven’t had results I like with Adjust AI and keep going back to Adjust 5.

Unless you don’t have enough disc space you should keep it in case for future use.