Removal of Dust & Scratches from Old Film Footage

Is there a plan to incorporate Dust & Scratches removal within Video Enhance AI in future?
Roll out a totally separate Tool which can help remove Old Film Scratches, Dust & other damages from footage, either using AI or by providing a tool to compare adjacent frames (or Both) to achieve a better restoration of Old Relics

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Hi, there has already been a post for this topic, it already has 15 votes. Try the search function, and you’ll find it.


There is other dirt and scratch removal software out there. The difficult one would be for long vertical scratches, not just single frame ones. Now THAT would be great.

which one is that. i already own Neat Video

I have a question for You. As I also work with old Normal- and Super8-sources, I’m wondering if You by any chance could add a dust-& spotremover.

some old videos recorded on tape have spots, creases, scratches, if topaz video could correct these defects it would be great, it would save so much time.

We have been using Neat as a pre-Topaz filter on old film footage for a while now and it gives great results on noise and dust specs removal. Scratches not so much though as they are persistent over time. I also think Topaz creates less artifacts that way if we push it and if we then still see some grid like noise we use NEAT again. Topaz should buy Neat! :wink:

Same here. I have been using Neat as well, however Neat’s Dust & Scratch removal erases a lot of required elements from the footage.
Overall for consistent Lines (due to old film scratches) cannot be removed by Neat and would need some sort of content-aware AI to remove them and fill them up with something generated using AI.

more or less Neat video works by comparing adjacent frames and work wonders if the dust & scratches are not consistent in adjacent frames (or Random in adjacent frames).

Are there any news to that topic?