Remember trim positions for each export (v3.0.12)


I love how most settings are saved as part of each export, allowing me to go “back to input” and tweak based on those earlier settings that were used to generate that particular output.

However, it seems like the input trimming is not something that is saved as part of that data, so if I’ve done a few different exports with different trimming, then I want to go back and tweak the settings for a previous export, I must try to manually match my previous trimming.

Am I correct about that?

If so, then I think there could be value in saving and restoring the trim positions along with the rest of the settings when going “back to input” from a previous export.

Does that make sense?


I just discovered another reason why I think this would be a good idea.

Currently, in the output pane, the thumbnail images that are display for completed exports are based on the current trim settings, rather than the trim settings that were used to make that export, which makes it hard to remember what that export was. In other words…

1.) I make one export with certain trim settings and the thumbnail looks correct.

2.) I go "back to input” and change the trim settings and do a second export. Now the thumbnail images for both exports will match the updated trimming. The original thumbnail for the first export is lost.

Hopefully that makes sense and other people can reproduce this behavior.