Remastering game textures

this is an example of how Gigapixel AI helps making the games look awesome. this is an old nintendo 64 game. the emulator outputs all the game textures. i upscale them, then when the game is loaded again the emulator uses this enhaced textures and the result its a 1080p game from a game that used to be 640x480 in resolution. here is an example with only upscaled textures almost no emulator filter on.

I tried to improve the old textures of “Warzone 2100” this way, but back in 1998/1999 the textures were so low quality pixelated that even Gigapxiel can’t improve them.

you can try. take the textures and do upscale x6 and use the art model. put a low level like 25/25 the sliders. this textures by themselves look like pixelated garbage but once meshed over the 3D models looks quite nice. this is a nintendo 64 1998 game btw. the original ROM size was 50 mbs so you can imagine how compressed the textures where. i have like 2+ GBS of upscaled textures atm.