Remask PNG output = bad color

We’re trying to do “cut out” versions for our clients but the output looks really bad. It becomes desaturated….

LH PNG file - RH - Original JPG

I’ve tried all the various color space option and compression variations but the output is always poor.

Tried TIFF = same thing.

Any ideas on how to fix this?
v503 OSX

To compare make sure that the images are using the same ICC Profile and that the application you are displaying them in is color manage, i.e. PS, Affinity etc.

Should you feel it is an issue please raise a support request at the “Need Help?” link above.

Please make sure your input colorspace is not wider than ReMask’s supported colorspaces. Converting to ProPhoto RGB is a safe way to ensure that ReMask outputs in a colorspace it can handle. I suspect you’re using a wider gamut than ProPhoto on the input image, but ReMask is defaulting to a narrower colorspace that it does support.

Thanks, I will await your response!

The files are JPG exported from PS CS5 - sRGB IEC61966–2.1 - is this not supported? It seems to say so on the Remask export dialog…

The files coming out look bad in Photoshop and/or Affinity no matter what color profile they are saved as. We would rather not change our entire workflow just to accommodate Remask… it was supposed to make things easier.

Do you see the same desaturation when saving 8bit sRGB files and 16bit sRGB files from ReMask, to PNG? Also, does the desaturation occur when you save JPEG → JPEG (though I know this does not preserve the mask)? I see you mentioned that TIFF has the same problem as PNG, but no mention of JPEG.

I tried both 8 and 16 bit PNG - and just now tried JPG as well - same thing. I don’t even have to open it in Photoshop or Affinity to see the issue - it shows in OSX Preview as well.

I took a look at requests you’ve submitted in the past, while searching to see if you had a current help request submitted. I found that you reported this exact problem back in 2016. Looking at that ticket, I see that your example shows the input image is 8bit, with the output image at 16bit. I’m curious to know if the images you’re saving out are actually 16bit, even though you are choosing 8bit in the save options. The next step in troubleshooting this is going to involve sending us the source input and output files so we can try to recreate the problem ourselves. In that case, I’ll ask that you open a help ticket.

Thanks, I will await your response!

I’ll have to follow up tomorrow as we’re on the east coast. Odd that Remask wouldn’t just stick with whatever bit depth it receives however. I have to make sure the color profile is getting embedded as well. More later…

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Thanks, keep us updated :slight_smile:

I didn’t have time to play with it today - just did my extraction work in Photoshop instead and saved from there. But I just did another quick test - A simple screenshot in OSX Sierra - exported as PNG defaults - same issue. I don’t have time to test every possible combination of output at the moment but something is off somewhere.

We were on 5.02 last time this was happening and updating to 5.03 made no difference. I won’t be able to read/reply until tomorrow now…

Good morning - I ran another little quick test - this time outputting two 16 bit JPG files from Lightroom 6 – one SRGB and one PROPHOTO version of the same file. I opened each in Remask, did a quick test edit and saved as PNG 16 bit with the matching color space of the original file (exactly as saved from LR). Same problem.

I wish I was doing something stupid and the answer was easy, but I couldn’t make this test any more simple and straightforward. Luckily I don’t have a ton of these to do so the Photoshop methods will get us by.