ReMask in Studio!



Looks great …

ReMask is one of my favorite Topaz products and I am very happy that it now works in Studio

I didn’t know about this. Great result.

Ray, there is an update for download Version 1.1.5

OK, thanks, I’ll,take a look. I was using Studio just a few hours ago but no update notification was flagged.

I’ll have to try ReMask in Studio… looks like it does very nice masking. Nice work on your image posted.

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I can’t see 1.1.6 anywhere to download. Anyone point where to look. It shows (and is) 1.1.5 on the downloads page.

John, Version 1.1.5 is the newest version and works now with ReMask and Clarity

Thanks Peter.

I thought might be the case just that the email talked about 1.1.6.



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