Remask brush bug

Using Remask 5 on a Mac Book Pro with Mojave and Photoshop CC. All updates applied.

I am finding that sometimes the cursor doesn’t change to the brush when I open the plugin, which means I can’t see the size of it. I’m not 100% certain, but I think it seems to work fine on the first time its used, but if I open the plugin a second time (either with the same project or a different one), the cursor stays as a regular arrow. It’s still usable, but only just, and certainly not the way its supposed to be. Sometimes if I change repeatedly between the three brushes (green, blue, red), it fixes the problem. Other times it doesn’t and I have to shut it and Photoshop down to get it back again. I’ve been trying to figure out what’s going on for a week or so, and assumed it was a problem with my install, but I had to install Remask on my boss’s computer today, and experienced the same bug.

Just wondering if this is widespread and whether there’s a known fix.

Never seen it reported previously but it may be a OS issue. Please raise a support request at the Need Help? Plugin link above.

I’ve seen this too when using Lightroom on a Mac. Since I stopped using Lightroom at the beginning of the year it has not reoccurred.

I have this problem, too. Not always, but often. Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6. Annoying. Is there any thing to do about it?

You can try and raise a support request but, as ReMask is a legacy application, you may not get a response.

The lastest masking application is Mask AI.