hello I need help with remask 5 . I cant save my picture when I complete masking and choosing my background the pic I save comes up black back background white where it should have picture or I end up with original picture .Some on please HELP

Can you explain the actual steps you take and also your hardware details. I don’t have any issues and I do the following:

  • Open and Image
  • Create the Mask
  • Press Compute Mask
  • Do any necessary adjustments
  • Scroll down to Background after Clicking on Keep
  • Add an image as the Background or choose a solid color
  • Save As


What application are you using to invoke Remask?

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It sounds like you’re saving the mask rather than the image itself. As AiDon says, make sure you select the Keep icon at the top before you save.

Thank you for your help … I did finally figure out have to save my work … it is nice to receive help . I didn’t know where to go for help . Thank you once again

I finally figured out how to save my work . Whe I read your reply and knowing what I did wrong .you are absolutely right I was saving the mask . Thank you so much for your help

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Remark 5 … i finally figured out what I was doing wrong … thank you for you help