I want a refund of the licenses I bought but there is no links or web page to ask for a refund, I don’t know where or how can I be refund, even though I really tried to find something.
If someone has the solution Im all ears :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

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Raise a support request at the website or send a message.

There is a blue Callout on each and every page, you need pop-ups active on your browser, click on that and follow the prompts.

Otherwise send a message to … Note there is a 30 day money back, no questions asked period.

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You can send them an email as @AiDon mentioned at or there is a phone number you may reach them at according to Bing Search at 1 (972) 383-1588. I did not use the phone number, but you’re welcome to try it. You can verify that at this link: Topaz Labs Customer Service Phone Number & Hours. The link I provided is called proof.

There is a blue Help link on some pages on this website that loop me around to FAQ pages unless Topaz Labs rectifies the situation. It really doesn’t matter what anyone else says. It simply doesn’t work. I know it doesn’t work; because I clicked every link available only to be looped all over the website to different FAQ pages. The Contact Us links never actually lead to any page with contact information, and there is no Live Chat “Call Out” anywhere. The available screenshots of this supposed Call Out are from December 2022. Things have apparently been changed.

Here’s a screenshot of the blue Callout taken just a few minutes ago. I used it successfully twice last week:

Wow! That’s really really strange. Some of us aren’t getting that icon on the webpage. Do you have a recommendation as to what we need to change on our browsers in order to fix it, and could you explain how to change the setting? I prefer to use Microsoft Edge.

Michael Harleman

I’m afraid not. I don’t have any problem with Opera, Firefox, Edge or Chrome and I’ve never changed any setting that I can recall.