Refund On Photo AI

I would like a complete refund on Photo AI. The program is overrated and way too expensive, even at $159. Gigapixal along with PhotoShop is all I need. I should have gone with my gut!!!

Anyway, please refund my money today! I may or may not buy Gigapixal back.

Thank you!

Robert Ulrich

Robert - you will need to contact support for a refund. We are users, just like you, and can’t process a refund for you.

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@robert.ulrich-0071 Thanks for reaching out.

If you haven’t already, please submit a support ticket at using the beacon at the bottom right corner of the page. We’ll be happy to take care of you there.

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Already got my refund. In my opinion, your Photo AI is one of the worst photo programs I’ve ever worked with. You guys say you’re proud of it? Well you better take a second look and make AI. I knew in my gut I should have stayed with Gigapixal. That and PhotoShop are so superior to Photo AI, that I would call it a joke!

Robert Ulrich

Sad you did not like Photo AI. Anyway I wonder why you did not give it the free trial period at first before buying it. :eyes:


I agree with Robert. It sounds like he just started using the program. I have been using it for approx. 9 months and you have ruined a fantastic product. WTF. is anyone trying out the updates before implementing them. I wish I could return to the version 6 months ago. I would ask for a refund too, but I am not eligible.

Errm, you CAN return to previous versions:

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Just get the older version here: Releases - Topaz Community

I, too, can relate to that. I’m still hoping Photo AI gets better, but I’ve been hoping that for many months now.

I originally bought it because of its initial CLI features. I have many pictures that need processing with predetermined settings (e.g. always “enhance cgi, sharpen:normal”). I was hoping that it would be the all on one program that could do that.

But sadly there is still no way to specify that. Neither using CLI (it always forces Autopilot and detects things wrong), nor using Batch Processing (extremely imperformant with many files and auto detected values of the first image are applied to all other loaded images, which is simply wrong).

I’ve written many posts on the subject, like this one. But all we get in updates are model changes, camera support, minor bugfixes, lots of keyboard shortcuts,… Many people have also reported blurry patches issues, which are not addressed at all.
So the program is currently mainly just installed on my machine and only used for a few single images.

I very much hope that some sort of usable batch feature will be coming soon (either being able to disable specific models in the prefs, or being able to specify the models in CLI). Otherwise there is no way I will be renewing my subscription.

Because one of your people said, “What I would do is get your money back on Gigapixel and buy Photo AI.” This gentleman should be fired!
Your advertisements on this product are misleading and could, by some attorney’s, considered fraud. It does not work like you say. Is cumbersome, with little or no guidance and DOES NOT do the things you said it would do. My carpets looked like linoleum and my subjects looked plastic and unreal. Gigapixel, on the other hand is a good product, which works well with Photoshop! I may buy Gigapixel back. But, it’s a $59 program and not a $99 program. Let me know when you reduce the price on Gigapixel down to $59.

You guys have overextended and desperately need a new R & D department! I have no clue how your Movie AI works, but for $269, it is already overpriced. Take a deep dive into your competitors. You’ll see some wonderful AI products.

Robert Ulrich

You need to take a deep breath and know who you are talking to … the person you are replying to is NOT a topaz employee but a user like the rest of us here. This is a USER to USER forum!


You made this your point already clear and even got your refund, so why keep whining?

Here is the :door:.


There are vastly superior products out there. You are doing yourself a disservice by not trying them all. Yeah, I whine! Only because of very false and fictitious advertising! AI is new tech. With that being said, don’t say they are, if they are not. Every one of these programs should still be in the beta generation. And if sold, then at at least 10% of the asking price! To the person who called me the whiner! Look up the word “FRAUD”! You just might learn something!

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