Reflections in Color & B&W

En route to a photo exhibit, camera in hand i looked up and saw this reflection and created this image:
ISO 100 107mm f 6.1 1/40 sec PP in LR and TS with the Urban Presets
First two renditions in b&w and the following done in color using TS presets with very minor adjustments.

Comments and critiques welcome.



Very nice B&W treatment. The first one is marvelous IMHO!

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Thank you Larry…I am not much on acronyms…gave them up when I left the corporate world…what is IMHO?

In My Humble Opinion :slight_smile:

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As we say in my part of the world. Muchas Gracias! And, the acronym in Spanish would be EMHO.
En Mi Humilde Opinión :relaxed:


Beautifully done, I love the 2nd B&W because of the strength in the contrast …

All three are magnífica but I have a preference for the middle image

In my humid office?! :sunglasses:

All are very nice/interesting. I especially like the second one.

I love all three because each portrays something slightly different but if I had to choose it would be #1 followed by #2 and 3 in closeness

Excellent work …

I guess I’m the odd man out… I like 3(color) then images 1 and 2 in that order.

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Great find! I like all three images and #2 is my favorite!

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