Recover mask in Topaz Studio 2 - Sava as Project

I have submitted this as a request to tech support, but if anyone can hekp…

I spent hours creating a mask for textures and then used it to apply to many textures and it was going great, the results were amazing. Then Windows foreced me to reboot, I saved all files, and expected the mask to still be there, but it wasn’t in any of the files I creaated. I guess this boils down to filters that were applied to being saved somewhenn as well so that one can pick the editing process back up later. Can this not be done? Or are they saved somewhere I don’t know about (plese!).

Am I SOL here?

TIA, Richard

Welllll, I always wondered what Projects were about - sigh. If I’d saved even one of the images as a project it looks like they all the filters I applied , as well as the mask, would have all been there when I came back. Not having done that guess I am Sindeed OL. Darn. Double darn. Shoulda read up more on the product.