Recommended workflow when using Denoise and Giga

My workflow is to process my RAW Canon 5D3/R6 images in Lightroom. Because I may start with 1,000 to 2,000 images (I shoot live music and theatre events), I prefer to do all my post on the RAW images, including selection and cropping, then apply Denoise and Giga to the images that I’ve selected and not to all 1-2k images. Is there a workflow sequence that I should be following? My thought is do denoising, then resizing. Suggestions otherwise?

With PhotoAI you can denoise and upscale in one app.

Always Denoise first, have read that these denoising apps no matter what brand do a better job when they have more info to read from a file ie RAW data. JMO and what I do now. Russ

I’m using Lightrooms new denoising first, then I edit my captures. At last, I use Topaz Sharpen and Topaz Gigapixel.