Recommended settings for topaz vi

Hello I am new to topaz but wanted to know what are some recommended settings for a 720 p video 1080p video both to 4k and also 60fps or 120 the original fps is 24. Which ai’s should I use and should I use auto or not? Its 1980s anime I am trying to enhance and upscale. Also how can I show some references can’t post links here?

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hard to throw suggestion out in the open like this.
it really depends on your source quality.
maybe post a short clip of your video and we can do better then just guessing.

Found out here is some pics

– 1080p
– 1080p
– 1080p

– 720p
– 720p
– 720p

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this is link to the 720 p

Hi Brandon,

The video in that Youtube link is not very great quality. I would recommend trying to find an original source file first before attempting any kind of upscaling/enhancement. I assume that you have access to better source files since the pictures seem to be good quality.

This was one of the first enhancements I ever used TVAI for. It was Proteus (auto) + Apollo up to 8K/60fps.

It turned out ok, but the source was 1080p – much harder to mess up.

Here was a test that I did a while ago comparing various models. The source is 360p, outputs are all 1080p –






Iris LQ

Iris MQ




Make of it what you will. As far as interpolation, I generally do not use duplicate frame removal, although I will say that it can make some older cartoons look more modern - but, maybe that’s not what you’re going for. By the way, you can achieve a “smooth” look without going up to 120 or even 60 frames.

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