Recommendation for best AI model

Hi all, I’m a new user and have used Video Enhance only a couple of times.
I run some tests on old footage and the software worked well.
I’m now struggling to get a good output on the footage I need to improve. As you can see from the screenshots (links below) the footage has been shot from laptops’ webcams, so pretty soft, pixilated and a bit noisy in some areas.

What I’m trying to achieve is sharpening the subjects.

I tried both the suggested models, as well as others, but couldn’t achieve a decent result.

Any help is appreciated.

Many thanks


I am upscaling with these settings: Enhance ON, Proteus fine tune/enhance, ADD NOISE: between 3 and 5. REVERT COMPRESSION: 25, RECOVER DETAILS: 50, SHARPEN: 25, REDUCE NOISE: 0, DEHALO: 30, ANTI-ALIASING/DEBLUR: 75. Please offer a snippet so we can try together.

Hi, thanks for your answer.
I’m not exactly looking to upscaling, as it’s already FHD. I’m more looking to sharpening the image, if it makes sense.
Any advice for this?

Hello Alex, there was no upscaling applied to my example. You could try these settings on your full HD videos too!

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Great, many thanks. I’ll try and let you know!

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