Recommendation for a low budget computer for TVAI

Hi, I would also like to use TVAI, but for that I first need a new computer. Unfortunately my budget is very limited at the moment. I’m comming from Mac and thats way I’m looking for a used 16 GB M1 MacMini for under 500$. But I don’t know what performance it would have. Or are there much better options on the market (new or used) in that price range? My main task is to upscale from PAL SD to FHD. Or some short 8x slowmos.

Thanks for your advice.

I personally suggest you to find someone doing the processing for you. Maybe I can help you out here? Just upload your files somewhere and tell me the settings of your choice. You can’t save more money and get it done faster. :slight_smile:


I have a Mac Mini M1 16GB and use it frequently for Photo AI. A year or so back I played around with Video AI as well, for beta testing purposes, and it worked fine, albeit slow. So you should be good with that Mac model, although I have no idea how well it would work with the latest versions of VAI.