Re-visiting Forestiere

This is one room from a subterranean resort & gardens built by a Sicilian immigrant in Fresno, CA over a period of 40 years in the early 1900’s (starting in 1906). He was a self-taught architect with a background in farming. He discovered his farming skills wouldn’t work so well in Fresno due to the desert-like climate, so he started creating a connected series of structures and garden areas (including fruit trees, vines, shrubs, etc.) underground, out of the heat. Ultimately it became a destination for the wealthy to visit. I believe this was a room from his own personal apt in one of the structures he built…

Used Topaz Studio 2 contrast, precision detail, sharpening, HSL…


Quite an interesting story.
I like the earthy colors

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Love the shot, it tell the story as well.
Where I live, we have a B&B that is in a cave.

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Thank you!

Wonderful and thanks for sharing.

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