Re-invent Artemis version 8 (or earlier than version 9)

I would love to see the early Artemis modes again. They were more capable of refining the image and of recovering details. Since Artemis 9 this ability got lost to a certain degree. Fortunately the older Artemis is still included in the de-halo modes but because of the de-halo with a dreamy shine also which was not the case until maybe Artemis 8 where the none-de-halo Artemis did an equal good job than the de-halo ones. :yum:

in which version of tvai can we find artemis 8, I would like to try :slight_smile:

I believe VEAI 1.6.1 was able to use this model.

Thanks ! :grin:

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I tried al Artemis options and only choosing just Aliasing moire added improvement
I already had given up on prometheus till I started to use Theia just sharpening it to just 3 and ensuring Revert compression to 99 and reduce noise to 65 percent and adding some stabilty settings gave me the best result

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