Raw processing & save converts 33MB CR2 file to 1GB DNG file!

From LR I use the PlugIn to enable Topaz Photo AI to use the RAW file. But on saving back the file, it attempts to save it always as a DNG. A 33MB RAW file is now saved as a 1GB files! I did enhance the resolution by 2x, but 1GB? The camera is a R5, so the file should never grow so big.

You need to raise a support request at the main website to get an explanation. It is a 45 megapixel file 8192 x 5464 dimensions so enlarging it will give you ~ 90 megapixel file which equates to a 1,432,354,816 byte file at 16bit per pixel. (rough conversion)

A DNG is not a RAW file as it is converted and contains all the color information for the image.

Seems that is right as I just ran a test with a 5DsR image and the DNG becomes 1.13GB.

I’ll raise a ticket. According to my calculatio, a 16 bit per pixel = 2 bytes per pixel * 90 megapixel = 180mb file at the largest size. 1+GB is bad!

If you enlarge a 45MP file by 2x you get a 180MP file because BOTH the height AND the width are doubled. A 16 bit file has 16 bits per channel NOT per pixel giving you 6 bytes per pixel. 1.07 GB sounds about right.