Ransomware warning when updating Gigapixel AI

I opened Gigapixel AI this morning and received notification that an update was available.
I downloaded the update but during the installation I received a warning regarding “Ransomware” from my Bitdefender AntiVirus program. I aborted the installation but it seemed to have already deleted my AI Gigapixel program. I downloaded a new copy from the Topaz site and it then installed without a problem. The program tells me I’m on version 4.1.2.
Is this the latest revision and have I been the victim of some bogus software attempting to install itself?

Hi and welcome to the Topaz user forum

FWIW I have yet to update to the current version which I think is v4.1.2 (in the GUI click on Help and from the dropdown click on Changelog…takes you to the appropriate webpage)

However, as the in program updater is direct communicating with the Topaz server I don’t think the program itself has an issue. Purely IMO I surmise your AV program is showing a false positive for the updater download but the fresh full copy install perhaps uses a different ‘command structure’ to downloads its packages and hence the AV detected nothing???

Yes, I’m hoping it was a false alarm from the AV program, but I was puzzled why it didn’t show up with the second download.
GUI confirms I’m on v4.1.2 and it worked fine when I used it.

Thanks for the response.

Hi Brian_G1
I have also Bitdefender protection package. When updating Studio, Gigapixels I also received Bitdefender notification being scammed. And the update got deleted. I made a call to Bitdefender and they helped me to add certain sites like Topaz Studio and Gigapixels to their site as being save.

Thanks for the response.
It appears that Bitdefender is reporting a false positive on the Topaz update.
Sometimes updates recommend you disable AV programs when updating, but Bitdefender does not give an “Ignore” option for it’s alerts.
I’m aware that Bitdefender has an option of excluding certain sites, but when I was part of the way through the update it was too late for that . Maybe I should exclude Topaz from future warnings.
What annoyed me was the behavior of the program when I’d cancelled the warning message.
My original Topaz program had been deleted, or at least rendered inaccessible, so the only option I had was to completely reinstall Gigapixel. When I went through the reinstall process I received a message saying my installation was corrupted and recommending a complete reinstall, which I what I was trying to do anyway.

I use Norton Security Online with no problem. If someone has Xfinity internet by Comcast, they can get Norton free.