Random Restart - RAM unstable

I had the unfortunate experience of losing many hours of rendering time in Topaz VEAI when my PC crashed and restarted. If anyone else is struggling with random crashes, maybe check that your RAM is stable. Try something like Passmark Memtest86.

XMP / DOCP is supposed to be a stable memory overclock right out the box, that’s why manufacturers are allowed to market the kits with the overclocked speed written all over the box, not their JEDEC speed.

One of my computers is completely stable with overclocked ram, my other machine is not, they’re both from G.Skill by the way. The unstable machine is stable in most scenarios with DOCP enabled, but Topaz is more taxing perhaps.


The new version of Topaz VEAI is unstable on its own, my screen goes to black, and I have to hard reset. The next time I restart it, it may or may not crash again, but something makes the display driver crash at random.

Try updating your BIOS. When the notes read ‘system stability improvements’, what they often mean is ‘memory compatibility improvements.’ I have G.Skill Trident Z Royal Elite 2x32GB 4266Mhz Gold memory, running in XMP 2.0, at 1.5v (the absolute max). Had some bluescreens, every once in a while; but a few BIOS updates down the line, all is stable again. :slight_smile:

That is almost certainly a PSU issue. You need to get quality components for VEAI. Mine doesn’t crash at all, ever. It draws a lot of system power, obviously, but a good PSU should be able to handle that.

I’m not so sure about that, but i’m going to be switching my psu pretty soon anyway. If this is indeed a power issue, then let’s hope the new one (phanteks revolt sfx 750w) can fix the bsod. Btw I don’t see any bios updates to try out.

I am. :slight_smile: VEAI can’t underpower your GPU. And your symptoms are what is typically happening when your grapics card draws a lot of power on a sub-optimal PSU: either your computer spontaneously resets, or you go into a ‘black death’ screen, from which there is no escaping.

P.S. Wattage is not the only thing that matters on a PSU, of course. Stability under load, or sudden peak requests, is another.

It also helps, of course, to know what graphics card you’re using. If you put in a RTX 4090, for instance, that 750 Watt may really not be enough. And what mobo manufacturer has no BIOS updates to offer?

No I meant to say I already have the latest bios installed.

Yeah that is true, I only say that because the earlier versions of Topaz didn’t have any stability issues for me, besides the xmp profile. Which leads me to assume the culprit is a bug introduces in one of the updates. But I thank you for your advice :nerd_face:

It would seem you basically have 2 issues: memory instability + power supply issues. Now, the latter won’t affect the other (as memory, relatively, only takes minimal power, of course). Memory can actually break, but it’s rare these days. Some sort of incompatibility with your motherboard is more likely. Sucks if they’re no further BIOS updates available. And (assuming you did this, hopefully), always but memory that’s on your mobo’s official vendor list (down to the exact part number); or when listed in https://pcpartpicker.com/ for your system.

Video card going dark, I still believe that is a PSU issue.

Or due to you not running VEIA at ‘reduced system load’ now or something? Also pays to get the latest graphics drivers.