Railway station images

(Sharon) #1

Thought I might be able to get should great sunset shots but the clouds all disappeared .. however there were still many photo ops .. I might even have a shot for the "wheels" competition at my local camera club :slight_smile:

and one not kept entirely natural

(John) #2

All great shots, but the last image (or the 4th image) is the one I would possibly pick for the wheels completion? Good Luck on a win.

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(Tony) #3

Great collection!

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(Kenneth Kovach) #4

I really like all of them - too hard to pick just one! Good luck with the contest.

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(Peter) #5

All very nice Sharon. I'd pick for the contest: No. 2
I like best No. 3 (the one with the screws). Not for the contest but fantastic shot

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(Artisan-West) #6

Great series, well done.

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(Michael_Andre) #7

Great captures - all of them

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(JeanieW) #8

Oooh! - I like that last one. Its a bit dark on my screen but I'm a sucker for rust and decay in an image.

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