Quick first with Impressions

Wow, just a quick try and I’m really impressed by the program :slight_smile: I was a painter and it’s far better at impressionistic styles than I ever was.


Welcome to the forum and nice work on both images.

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thanks :slight_smile:

great images Lynn … love the action in the first

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You’re off to a great start …welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum!

Great results, I really like both images! Very nice technique.

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Very nice work. Welcome.

Welcome to the forum. Nicely done!

Thank you everyone. There’s a lot of nice work on this forum, I’ve been checking out once in a while when I have time.

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Welcome to the forum… great painterly results on both images. You’re going to find a lot of enjoyment with using the Topaz products and interacting with the forum members.

Thank you, I’ve actually had a set for many years. I just recently got Impressions, Textures and Glow. Yes, I’ve had a lot of fun and now playing with the new three is a blast.

I’m finding Glow to be a bit unpredictable though. Hard to understand where it’s going to go.


some more great images … absolutely love the textured rodeo shot

You can always mask out any area where you don’t want the effect. All three images are good but the first is amazing.

Thank you Shazzy. That shot I may delete as a friend may be using it. I forgot to watermark it.

I was pretty amazed by what the shot told me when I looked at it that night- the guy there has no fear. He was ready to jump on the fence but wasn’t at all hurried about it.

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Thanks Kathy. I meant hard to understand what it wants to do. It seems to have a mind of it’s own. I’d like more control over… hmmm… something. Not sure what. Guess I’ll have to work with it more. I feel like the deer was a happy accident. The photo happened to like the filter.

Glow is tricky to learn but it can be extremely powerful. You can use it at less than 10% blend for a very subtle effect, or use it at full strength for a totally non-subtle effect :smile:

Ken, Yes. I’m thinking I like it when the subject is isolated with a blurry high contrast background I tried it on some other images and couldn’t get anything workable. Just turned into a mess really quickly.

I’m not sure I like the sharpening effect it has at a very low level.

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Maybe this will help.