Queueing preset AI model previews/renders on one or multiple videos fast and easy from saved settings

When I use Topaz Video AI I always use the same 2 models (Iris with both Low and Medium quality and Nyx) - It would be very helpful if I could just load several dragged videos and just queue preview renders of a predefined set of models and settings. It is not uncommon for me to load 5-10 videos, and it would be great if I didnt have to select settings and press preview/render 3 times for each.

Thank you

You can create a preset of the models with the slider settings you want to apply to your clips. Once you have models and the settings set, go to the top right corner and click the three dots next to the Preset menu.


Thanks for your reply - I already tried this, but it does not include all of my previews. Only the latest/selected one. I would like to be able to have the 3-4 previews I normally test for each video in my preset and have them render, without me having to select them individually and press the render button. And if I could select more than one of the loaded videos and have it done to all of them it would save a lot of time on my end, where the program could just do its thing and I could come back, tweak or select whatever looks best and export.


Trying to understand here.

You want to have a one click preset that runs a video input through previews and is rendered out with multiple versions using a pre-defined set of groups (each group using different models and settings) so that you can determine what option of those you want to export with?

Yes. Workflow example below:

  1. Define whatever settings i want in the preset group, like here 3 different ones:

  2. Create that preset (group):

  3. Select multiple videos and have an option to run/render all the presets on all of them:

  4. When it is done rendering, I will go through each video, select the best preview for that video (perhaps make smaller changes and re-render that preview but usually the settings I know are good for each model, works). Select export for that video. If all the selected sources were clips from the same initial source (I often cut them in premiere) I would likely copy the settings from clip to the rest and export, but this option already exists.

Being able to do this would save me so much clicking around in the program! Please consider implementing it!

Best regards