Questions from a new user (UI, GPU)

I tried a trial version for an older version of veai a while back and just recently got the new one. I noticed the UI is a bit different and that it seems to only show one preview screen (side-by-side) vs the ability to show 4 different previews to compare the different models. Is there a way to customize this?

Also, I got an amd video card, which unfortunately was defective, but I was wondering how much of a performance difference there was between an nvidia and amd card? It seems like a lot of people are saying nvidia has better support for this type of work, but everything I’ll be doing is for personal use, so I’m just wondering whether it matters or not since I need to return my current card anyways.

You can download and use both TVAI 3 and VEAI 2.6.4. If for any reason TVAI lets you down, use VEAI.
AMD cards are fine. There were reports of them being faster than Nvidia cards, but the latest user reports are inconsistent.

(source:Linus Tech Tips)

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